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Calm the Chaos

Part of the "Create the Life You Want" Series

Many of us feel like our world is out of control at the moment. Political divides. Racial divides. Covid-19 anxiety relating to virus and vaccine misinformation. Personal work instability. Feelings of loneliness and isolation. All of us would like a return to our own sense of normal. To help us to cope and maintain good mental health during times of uncertainty, it is important to focus on the things we can control.

I have an idea for each of us! It will take a little time to complete, but it is a fun, healthy, and excellent way to help you create the life you want. In other words, a method to make your life more special. We are all going to complete our own Vision Board!

Step One: Gather all of your materials needed for your Vision Board.

Decide if you want to create a physical Vision Board that you can display or a digital Vision Board that you will be able to carry with you.

The material lists for both are in Step Three below.

Of course, you can always do a physical board and take a picture of it to carry with you!

The best of both!

Note: I personally enjoy the process of creating a physical board on a canvas.

Step Two: Allow yourself at least 1 1/2 hours of alone time to focus on yourself and creating the future life you want.

Dress comfortably. Sit in a quiet space.

For future reference, I have also posted the script below.

STEP THREE: Create your Vision Board!

To Create A Physical Board:

Materials You Need:

  • 8 x 10 canvas

  • ModPodge

  • Brush (I prefer a foam brush for this project)

  • Sharpies (optional)

  • Scissors

  • Magazines

    • You do not want to spend too much money on magazines, which will actually then be destroyed to create your Vision Board. Think about what areas of focus and importance you have for your future self and choose the magazines according to those themes.

Here are some good magazine choices for your different areas of focus:

Steps to Create Your Physical Vision Board

  1. Search through the magazines you have before you to determine what inspires you/what you want to see happen in your future.

  2. Cut out images and text that you feel represent your vision of your future.

  3. After cutting out as many images and words as you feel you need, lay them out on your canvas as you like.

  4. Carefully set them aside in the same order. (maybe take a photo as reference)

  5. Apply ModPodge to the canvas, working with small sections at a time.

  6. As you place the ModPodge on an area, adhere the image/word you want to that area.

  7. Move methodically across the canvas until you have it covered in the way you desire.

  8. Add one final layer of ModPodge to the entire Image/text-covered canvas.

  9. Allow the ModPodge to dry.

Extra: If you would like, you can add additional words using permanent markers.

To Create A Digital Board:

Go to the link below and use a digital tool that I love: Canva.

Rather than cut out actual pages from magazines, though, you will be adding online images that inspire you toward the life you want to create on your digital Vision board.

You decide!

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1 Comment

Brenda Rose
Jan 21, 2021

Great blog-this was a great activity at your cabin. I have mine displayed in my “office”


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