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Happy Holiday Season: Part Two

Let the games begin! Play within your small "pod" of people at your home. Or challenge family and friends virtually! It will take some planning, but I can assure you it will make for memories everyone will treasure! And probably some future wedding toast fodder...🥂

In other words, the 2020 Reindeer Games will make your holidays a little more special.


Note 1: Each game image below has a link to a printable pdf file. Simply click on the image.

Note 2: Each game has a Supplies List and Tips For Success following the image.

Note 3: Each game requires a stopwatch or stopwatch app on a smartphone.

Note 4: Print a scorecard before beginning. (bottom of the page)

Note 5: Each player can choose their own Reindeer Name.


Game 1: Oh Christmas Tree

Supplies List:

Tips For Success:

  • make sure the stickers are flat to the cups

  • this will prevent any problems when stacking the cups

Game 2: Snowman Snowball Toss

Supplies List:

  • A more affordable option is to create your own by making a cardboard snowman cutout and using crumpled paper as your snowballs

Tips For Success:

  • Draw a line with easily removable painters tape (or similar) on the floor to mark where the contestant must stand to toss the snowballs

  • Decide whether the current contestant must retrieve their own snowballs to continue throwing or if another player will collect the contestant's thrown snowballs and hand them to the contestant to continue with their throws

Game 3: Narwhal Ring Toss

Supplies List:

Tips For Success:

  • I suggest you decide that the current contestant must retrieve their own rings to continue throwing in this game

Game 4: Scents of Christmas

Supplies List:

Tips For Success:

  • make sure the candles (or even wax melts if they are more affordable) are very strongly scented

  • make sure your plate labels match the 6 scents you have selected for the candles

  • you might need to create your own labels if the ones I have supplied do not match your candle scents

  • make sure the candle scents are not indicated on the candle itself OR cross it out/wrap the candle/enclose it in a small bag, but make sure you can still easily smell the scent

Game 5: Do You Hear What I Hear

Supplies List:

Tips For Success:

  • make sure that you have a significant difference in the number of bells in each box

  • for instance, if you have 3 bells in one box - you should have at least 6 bells in the NEXT box to make it a challenge, but not impossible to tell apart

  • you can mix sizes of bells

Game 6: Snow Shovel

Supplies List:

  • plastic spoons (at least 1 for each player)

  • white pompoms OR cotton balls

  • 2 bowls

Tips For Success:

  • in the Age of Covid, please do not share spoons!

  • in fact, do not even share cotton balls/pompoms, so have plenty available!

Final Game: Team Relay

Supplies List:

Tips for Success:

  • You can select any activities for the team relay you would like.

  • The affordable idea is to come up with activities based on some items you have laying around the house!

Reindeer Games' Scorecard

Click on the image below to print (if needed)


Thank you to Happiness Is Homemade blogger Heidi Kundon for 2 of the games and the inspiration for this fun event!

When I chose the games I was going to play a few years ago, I simply went to Target and looked in their discounted section for the holidays. From the Target selections, I made up the games you see listed above! You could do the same virtually by going to Oriental Trading Company and choosing a few games to play.

And of course - do not forget to have Prizes for the Winners!

Last and most importantly,

don't let this be YOUR Reindeer Games memory:

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1 Comment

Michelle Kuldell
Michelle Kuldell
Dec 22, 2020

Oh WOW! Thanks for all these fun ideas!


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