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How To Make It A Truly HAPPY Holiday Season!

Hi, Everyone! I apologize for my absence. I was taking a break from the blog to focus on a few big projects in my life. And as with anything when you take a break (I'm thinking especially when I take a break from EXERCISE), it is easy to stay away and hard to get back. But I'm hoping you are as happy as I am that I'm "back to blogging"!

A friend recently tasked me with writing a blog about what to do while our kids are home from college. Not only will some of you have college students home on break, but you also might have guests visiting and/or younger children who will be on school vacation. We all know the dreaded and oftentimes annoying phrase "I'm bored!" During the current pandemic, it has become even more difficult to find entertainment for kids that is not simply a video game or television show.

I have done a little creative brainstorming to help all of us! (I can hear you all cheering now!) I hope these suggestions will help you and yours enjoy some quality Family Time and maintain a certain sanity level that ensures everyone leaves the holidays with a good feeling in their hearts. And lots of special memories!

Simple Ideas:

Play family-favorite board games or discover a new one!

  • Maybe create a little tournament while everyone is together?

  • Your tournament can last one day or the entire length of the school break!

Play cards!

  • Its always fun to remember an old favorite. Or try out a new game you have never played or maybe never even heard of before!

  • Below is a link to Rules and Instructions for a bunch of great card games!

Movie Marathon

  • Choose a theme (Spaghetti Westerns, 1970s Sci-Fi, Starring Brad Pitt, and so on)

  • Make LOTS of popcorn (maybe personalize with special toppings; parmesan or cheddar or another favorite shredded cheese; mix-ins of candy; or classic and perfect butter and salt)

  • Do not do ANYTHING except watch movies and eat! No folding clothes. No digital devices. No cheating!

Self-Care Day

  • Spa: facials, manicures, long soaks in the tub. Don't forget candles and bubbles!

  • Relax: choose to read...all day! Or work on a favorite craft...all day! Or put together a puzzle...all day! And so on. You get the idea!

  • Move: do yoga or a meditation together!

Take a Hike

  • Need I say more!

Family Team Project Ideas:

Family Book Club

  • Choose a book that will make for a good discussion within your family.

  • Read a few chapters and discuss. This way it is not a tremendous commitment for anyone! But it still gives you the chance to do an activity together and hopefully leads to a good, healthy dialogue.

  • For those who are interested enough, they can finish the book on their own time.

Workout Challenge

  • Each person chooses a particular exercise (situps, planks, Burpees, etc.).

  • See how many everyone can currently do (without hurting themselves!).

  • Each person sets their own challenge to improve within a certain amount of weeks.

  • Track each person's progress on a chart.

Share the Burden

  • Choose a big task that you have been meaning to do and complete it together.

  • Here are some examples:

  1. Sort through a closet; or ALL of the closets; or somewhere in between.

  2. Reorganize your kitchen!

  3. Downsize the kids' or your own memory items, such as school papers, trophies, old books, awards and so on.

  4. Organize your photos!

  5. Paint a room you have been meaning to do. or one that would simply be fun to do as a team!

  6. Organize one main storage area in your house: garage? basement? attic? other?


  • There are so many worthy causes and people with needs, maybe no time more than during the holidays AND during a global pandemic.

  • Select one that touches your hearts the deepest and contribute however you and your family decide you are able!

Takes Some Planning, But Totally Worth It Ideas:

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